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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

Blocking Your Blessings - Blocking Your View

I have been guilty of blocking my blessings without even knowing it. I remember holding on to something that was causing me to be unhappy. But because of pride and just trying to prove a point (I am not even so sure to whom) I kept holding on to something that I started to not like anymore. When I finally got real about the whole situation, I had a little talk with Jesus and told him all about my trials. I told the Lord he provided before and I know that he will do it again. I started to exercise my faith. I was thankful for all the good that I did and all the people who were touched by my work. I came to terms with the fact that it was time to let go and move on. I made peace with the whole situation. It took a couple of months and it was painful but I was able to walk away. I was financially, spiritually, physically drained of holding to what was really blocking my blessings.

Less than 6 mths later my whole situation turned around. I was able to regain my strength, rebuild my faith and finances. Most of all I was able to sleep better at nights. I started to thank God for all that he had provided and that I was too blind to see. I was once again able to embrace my family and spend more time with the people that I cared about.

Within no time, the offers started rolling in when I was not even looking. People started to reach out to me and made offers that you would not believe. When these offers came, I was ready willing and able. I was not eager nor was I naive. I did not have a point to prove. I just knew what my calling was. I knew the road I travelled and the path that I must take. All the while God has been guiding me and moving things out of path so I could find the right road for this tremendous journey.

My questions to you are: What are you holding on to that is causing you sleepless nights? What are some of the things that are blocking your view of the bigger picture? What would it cost you to let go and let God?